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  The Kneader
Product Code: KNEADER

This simple and stylish massage product can be used to self-massage or massage another. The Kneader is unlike anything else on the market. Its contoured, organic design flows with the curves of the body and can be used by professionals and non-professionals alike for regular massage. The Kneader was designed by a professional therapist who wanted to provide her clients with an effective, hand-held product that would enable them to massage regularly in-between their professional sessions. After a great deal of trial and experimentation, she designed a pleasingly tactile tool that's easy-to-use, hard-wearing and attractive to the eye.

Due to its organic design, using The Kneader is an intuitive and personal experience - there is no right or wrong way to hold the product so anyone can massage well and often. Therapists can use this product to help protect their hands during deep and/or repetitive movements. They can also recommend The Kneader to their clients for personal use in between visits to their therapists, as The Kneader is a great tool for supplementing and/or maintaining the effects of professional massage. 

The Kneader can be used over clothes or directly onto the skin with a suitable lubricant, so it can be used anytime and anywhere that's appropriate. The accompanying instructional manual and DVD instructs on how to use the product.  Kneads Must makes massage easy, available and affordable - with The Kneader, feeling is believing!

  • Ergonomic, hand-held massage tool
  • Easy-to-use and multi-functional
  • Use over clothes or directly onto skin with oil
  • Durable and washable - no moving parts or batteries required
  • Comes with fully instructional manual and DVD and website support

 RRP £25.00!

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